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Letting & Management

We have let and managed hundreds of properties over the years across Dublin City, and we provide a superior service to landlords of new and second hand properties.

We specialise in helping landlords maximise their rent, maintain and often improve the value of their property while complying fully with their regulatory obligations.

We ensure the right tenant is selected for your property, ensuring the rental payments run like clockwork and the condition of the property is maintained to an excellent standard – anything less is unacceptable.

Letting Package

Letting & Management Service

Our Superior Letting Package includes more for your money:

  • Carry out an inspection of the property to determine Advised Letting Value. We will advise on how this value may be improved.
  • Professional photographs of the interior and exterior of the property.
  • Arrange for a BER assessment if required.
  • Market and advertise the property across all major websites.
  • Show property to prospective tenants, evenings, and weekends.
  • Request references/screen prospective tenants meticulously. The utmost care is taken at this stage to ensure the most suitable tenant is selected. A shortlist of prospective tenants is presented to the client for consideration.
  • Agree an inventory of the contents of the property with the tenant.
  • Supply a copy of the inventory to the tenant – written or photographic.
  • Arrange for the tenant to acknowledge and agree to the accuracy of inventory.
  • Arrange to have a lease agreement signed by all parties concerned. The lease provided by us at no additional charge.
  • At check-In we provide 2 sets of keys, comprehensive photo inventory, meter readings, block house rules where applicable, refuse collection instructions, guidance on correct appliance use and heating instructions.
  • Arrange for the certain transfer of utilities including gas, electricity, broadband, phone, TV, bins, contents insurance, into the tenant’s name.
  • Notify the tenant of contact details for repairs and maintenance.
  • Arrange a standing order for monthly rental payments to landlord’s/agent’s account.
  • Accept the security deposit and any advance of rent and transfer to landlord’s account.
  • Provide the necessary details required for the landlord to register the tenancy with the Private Residential Tenancies Board.
  • Copies of all documentation and invoices necessary for end of year tax returns are provided to the client upon completion.

With our Management Service, the landlord can be ‘totally detached’ from the property and its tenant(s). We will ensure all maintenance issues are remedied in a satisfactory and timely manner. All repairs are carried out by qualified and insured tradespeople and invoices/receipts are always furnished to the client on a monthly basis for end of year tax returns. Most importantly, rent payment will be complete, uninterrupted and voids between tenancies negligible – that’s a guarantee.

Our most popular All-Inclusive Letting & Management Service includes all the Superior Letting Package’s features with the addition of:

  • Inspection of the property every 4 months for the duration of the term. Regular and routine inspections are of paramount importance to ensure the standard of the property is maintained at the desired level for the duration of the tenancy. Any breach of tenant obligations, no matter how minor, is flagged in writing and rectified rapidly.
  • Arrange for rent collection by standing order and remittance to landlord within 48 hours.
  • Act as the point of contact for tenants in relation to all repairs and maintenance.
  • Arrange for swift and cost-effective repairs through our network of qualified and insured tradespeople.
  • At the end of the tenancy we arrange for a final inspection where we retrieve the keys from the tenant, inspect the property and report our findings to the landlord and recommend a fair course of action.
  • Note the meter readings.
  • Cross-check outgoing inventory against original incoming inventory. Photograph the interior and exterior of the property where necessary, and invite the tenant to include their observations on the inventory/condition of the property/the readings from the utility meters.
  • Request for the closure of utility accounts.
  • Assess the extent of repairs/maintenance work necessary and advise the client accordingly.
  • Calculate the amount, if any, of the Security Deposit to be deducted to cover breaches of the tenancy and appraise the Client.

In addition to this, we will make ourselves available for advice and assistance throughout the term. We provide an optional project management service to landlords seeking to refurbish their property to avail of better market rent, prepare the house for sale or just improve the value of the property. This service includes installation of new heating systems, insulation, glazing, flooring, décor etc.

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